Unbroken – Human Kintsugi Project

“Unbroken” is a unique and empowering body art/documentary project celebrating Australians who have found greater strength within themselves following personal hardship or challenge, addressing issues such as trauma, sexuality, disability, mental illness, asylum seeking and displacement, and sexual assault.

The project is inspired by Kintsugi, a Japanese art form that uses gold to enhance broken ceramic in a way that accentuates the cracks, a symbol of the beauty to be found in imperfection and impermanence. In this project the participants are documented through the body painting process sharing their stories. The final outcome will be a photo exhibition, a photo book featuring the stories of each participant as well as a series of short video documentaries. Despite their hardships and challenges, these participants remain unbroken.

Your tax-deductible donations will help us bring this extraordinary project to life. Our creative team have a proven track record of creating amazing content and our diverse ensemble of participants each have an amazing story to share. This project allows them to tell their stories while providing them with a unique, inclusive and empowering experience.

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Current Mission: On a mission to spread a little more empathy into the world by making art with heart and film with purpose.

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