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While the defence of women’s right and female identity, sparked with feminism, keeps developing in an ongoing effort across the globe, paradoxically little to no movement exist currently to help boys become men, and men become respectable, respected men. The cultural heritage of rites of masculinity from the previous generations have vanished. With no rites of passage, men are wandering and exploring life to refine their identity in ill-defined, personally-framed, rites of passage to adulthood. The impact of pornography on men’s education and relationships is a disaster. The result is a culture of violence and rape in one extreme, and of submission, servility and lack of agency on the other side of the spectrum.

Trumping after a 15-year battle against sex-addiction, I have made myself a mens’ coach and I will help fellow Novalanders identifying as men overcome issues with sexuality, pornography and relationships (and pick-up 😉 ) in a confidential and secure space.

Coaching is free for every man with an active account on

In 2018 education should be ubiquitous and mental suffering an obsolete concept. I’m here to help you catch up on the bits you’ve missed about your masculinity. Hit me up on the email address below and let’s get your man’s life back on track.

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