Liberated Intuitive Voice (L.i.v.e) in Sovereignty

Remembering your true SELF (Sovereign Eternal Loving Frequency) using your sacred or built-in tool: your voice.

Intuitive voice can be used as meditation to express one’s expansive self or restricted state to self actualise. Instinctual music has proven to summon the ancient self and can be used as your transformative practices to bring forth the potent and most times untapped or restricted being.

To summon the soul’s song, forever playing within, and to openly share these song-gifts with our kins, beyond cultural restrictions is to use our sacred tool for our own creative preference and allows one elated energy to ripple and effect change. This approach to singing is a portal to access one’s own divine dialog with the world, the subtle, the omnipresent, and presented as a brave new circle for people to celebrate the supreme being within with nothing else but the breath and the voice.

In Melbourne and Queensland Tikal has now brought the L.i.v.e in Prayer & Meditation (intuitive singing circles) and given contemplative sound meditations to raise awareness about the importance of heart connection and how this heals towards right relationship with all aspects of the One whilst emphasising on surfing the waves of and appreciating the nuances of human emotions all the while discussing why it is of great importance to address and face them with grace, to let them move us and then move on, especially the challenging ones. Tikal ushers the power back to the people and engages in the journey exploring moment to moment truths to bring back peace where there is conflict, starting with the self.

Help Tikal spread the circles and inspire others.
Currently, Tikal is welcoming networking for a touring journey from Hobart to Cairns through Sydney, Byron and Brisbane this June until August.
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