Healing, Coaching and Support for Novalanders & Activists

Free coaching and emotional support for activists and any novalander.

Stepping into action to change the world for the better is difficult and consuming, sometimes confronting, tiring or even traumatising.

If you need to talk to someone, to heal from a past wound or unlock a blockage that has been limiting your progress in life until now, whether related to your activism directly or not (relationships, depression, sexuality, lack of self-confidence, etc), get in touch at the email address indicated below and I will give you 1 hour of free coaching in a confidential, emotionally secure space.

All you need is an active account on Novalander.com.

Changing the world can only be done from a place of joy at heart! 🙂 <3

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Dimitri Douchin

Current Mission: Understand how to rewild globally, and explore the gatherer(-hunter?) paradigm and way of life


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