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This page is a dedicated space to gather thoughts and debates around Global Rewilding (TBD) and results from theoretical and in-situ research regarding a future envisaged as a global distribution of gatherer-hunter communities as the prominent lifestyle for a sustainable future on Earth. Global Rewiding borrows from concept of permaculture, prehistory, nomadism, primitivism, rewilding and traditional Indigenous knowledge.

Open questions and discussions include:

  • the question of sustainable technology and how far back we should – if at all – rewild
  • an understanding of the motives and characteristics of the transition – if marked as such – between nomadic and sedentary lifestyles in Homo-Sapiens’ prehistory
  • the inclusion of traditional Indigenous knowledge for a better future and a culturally competent frame to do so
  • the question of the size and power distribution in the heart of communities
  • the question of diets, agriculture, veganism and therefore the concepts of property, territories and personal and cultural boundaries
  • the question of adequate rites of passage and the making of moral adults for a sustainable, wise society
  • the question of the distribution and interconnection between communities, and that of self-reliance of those communities
  • the question of the growing population and limited resources on Earth
  • the question of the path to Global Rewilding, if it is a necessity, a luxury, a solution or an ideal

In-situ research consist in the experimental research carried out by embracing a gatherer-hunter lifestyle and varying its parameters, while reporting of the sustainability of the experience / experiment and its possible extension to a community lifestyle.

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Dimitri Douchin

Current Mission: Understand how to rewild globally, and explore the gatherer(-hunter?) paradigm and way of life


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